About the Wild Rockies InfoNet
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By Jim Coefield

The Wild Rockies InfoNet had its origins when I was employed by the Northern Rim Institute at the University of Montana, working on a project that needed to communicate with a variety of people scattered across the globe. We were just beginning to understand the power of the internet, and the personal computer revolution that was sparking an evolution in communication technology.

After that, I went to work for the Alliance for the Wild Rockies, and helped to get the organization up and running, and to help its member groups and individual supporters get oriented with the new technology that was sweeping the land. It was interesting blending high tech with low tech activism and grassroots organizing.

In 1995, I joined up with the Ecology Center to pursue the InfoNet, along with other personal projects. We offered a wide variety of services from desktop publishing to web development, and networking to computer repair and installations/support services. The InfoNet has undergone many changes in that time, as the nonprofit landscape evolved, and changed to meet the challenges before it—sometimes expanding, and sometimes retreating.

Today I find myself wanting to recommit to many of the avenues I have pursued, in some ways because these tough economic times force us to rely on our skills and strengths, and in other ways because there are some great creative opportunities to be found doing what I do.

I anticipate that the InfoNet will endure for many more years, regardless of what major projects may consume my time. It is both a grand hobby and experimental test bed for ideas and learning new skills.


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