Support the Wild Rockies Slate!

One of the new features of this website is a way for all of you to show your support. Many of you have been using our services for many years, whether it be email accounts, list servers, web site hosting, phone support, computer repair, software installations, upgrades and technical support.

Much of what I do has been in the spirit of service, knowing that all of you are doing great work, and if I can can assist you in your endeavors, then I can also share in your accomplishments. While all of the time I spend volunteering is time well spent, it does not pay the bills. We recently have invested considerable resources in our recent upgrades, not to mention hundreds of hours building and maintaining the Wild Rockies InfoNet so that all of you can continue on with your missions. Nobody pays me directly to do this—I get no grants or no paycheck. What I do get is the opportunity to occasionally reach out to those whom I have supported over the years, and ask for your assistance when the time is ripe. And that time is now.

I often hear from you about how you can support the work that we do. So I have provided you with links to my PayPal account where you can show your support at a level that meets your ability. I have not asked for any support from the general community for several years—almost three years for many of you. So I only ask that you decide what is fair, and to offer what you can afford to help support us.

Many thanks,

Jim Coefield

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